September 29, 2009

Big Boi of OUTKAST & His Diamond ZShock

No one will dispute that Big Boi, one half of Outkast, is considered Hip Hop royalty. We go way back with Big Boi and when he heard ZShock was one of our new brands, he was on board and ordered his diamond ZShock immediately. See how he takes off his Rolex to flex his ZShock right away. Another dude who can afford whatever he wants, insists on rocking a diamond ZShock.

September 26, 2009

FliPelican Clothing + ZShock = A Good Look

Check out this image of a Satisflied customer from the Flipelican Blog. The ZShock is just the right accessory and is hitting hard in this picture. You to can become another Satisflied customer of FliPelican Clothing and you too can get your Shock on!

September 11, 2009

Angela Yee of Shade45 With Her ZShock

Angela Yee, from Sirius XM's Shade 45, is seen here on her Ustream with her diamond baby-G ZShock. Not only is she sporting her ZShock to the nines, she also gives ZShock a big shout out. This watch was custom made for her and we have nick named it the Yee Shock. More proof that those in the know keep a iced out G-Shock by ZShock in their wardrobe.

September 8, 2009

Verse Simmonds - Buy You A Round Music Video CoStarring ZShock

The newest music video from Verse Simmonds called "Buy You A Round" is seen here and it co-stars none other than an iced out diamond G-Shock by ZShock (LOL). Shout to Nino Flipelica, from Flipelican Clothing. We have to be honest, the watch looks preetty dope in the video.

September 6, 2009

Cool Breeze Ray, Benzino's Son, ZShock'n

Cool Breeze Ray is gonna be fast on the scene real soon. The son of rapper Benzino, Ray has the gift of flow and we at ZShock think that we are gonna see some big things from this young man. Remember you heard it here fropm us at ZShock. The new generation is seeing G-Shocks taken to another level, that's why Cool Breeze Ray chose ZShock for his custom canary diamond G-Shock.