October 27, 2009

Chris Brown X ZShock Transform Ya Video

Chris Brown turns to ZShock for that right watch to wear in his newest release video called Transform Ya. Chris wanted a white G-Shock iced out with all canaries, the ZShock Ultra was exactly what the look called for. To top off the look Chris also got some canary diamond stud earrings from our sister brand and luxury jewelers DIAMONDOV. The earrings were 4 carat each round studs set in Platinum with intense vivid canary rounds.

October 10, 2009

ZShock X Sean Kingston Rockin His Black Diamond Jesus Piece

Everybody knows that Sean Kingston is a man of blingage. Sean knows his stuff when it comes to jewelry and he knows quality. When Sean wanted a blacked out Diamond Jesus Piece, he turned to ZShock. There are other jewelers out there (very few that make them right) making descent Jesus Pieces, but I think Sean wanted to show some love to ZShock cause we are good at what we do and we are Miami based. This is a video from Sean's VLOG of his Tomorrow Album tour, you will not only see the ZShock Black Diamond Jesus Piece, but you will also see his Blacked out Diamond G-Shock by ZShock and DJ Kelo is also sporting a old & diamond iced out ZShock! These boys own quite a few iced out G-Shocks by ZShock. More proof that iced out ZShock jewelry stays in the vaults of the ballers.

October 5, 2009

JBAR Feat. Soulja Boy "Daze" Peep The ZShock

The newest jam from SODMG, DAZE from JBAR featuring Soulja Boy is a jam that people are requesting from their local radio stations. Peep the video on YouTube and JBAR is sporting his diamond ZShock. Soulja Boy is another member of Team ZShock with his Blazin Canary ZShock. Evidence again that fellas like to keep an iced out G-Shock from ZShock in their collection of goodies.

October 1, 2009

Big Sean Weekend Recap .... Spot The ZShock

We support the homie Big Sean from Detroit. His Finally Famous music is on point and he does have an affinity for some dope gear. You can watch one of his weekend recap videos here and see his grind. Notice a few things in his accessory game, a diamond and enamel Jesus piece straight from Jacob and of course a diamond ZShock, both of which are A game accessories. Look for big things from our homie, he is an up and coming star who appreciates the finer things and a diamond encrusted ZShock is in his collection.