January 26, 2011

ZShock Diamond Bezel for the Apple iPhone 4

ZShock is known for it's quality and precion fitting bezels for G-Shock watches. Sometimes people forget that ZShock is a fine jewelry manufacturer and that we make all types of unique jewelry and accessories. When we were approached to make a diamond bezel for the Apple iPhone 4, we were happy to take on the challenge. We created a sleek bezel containg over 22 carats of diamonds that will take your iPhone 4 to a whole new level. Now your iPhone 4 can get I.C.E.D. by ZShock and you will be ZShock'n in a whole new way. Pricing is available upon request, simply call 1-877-7ZSHOCK.

January 24, 2011

Gudda Gudda Is ZShock'n While He Talks About Chain-Snatching Incident

Young Money's Gudda Gudda recently had some fool try to steal his YM chain while he was performing. Needless to say the thief didn't get to far. Here you see Gudda explaining what happened, all the while he is ZShock'n with his I.C.E.D. out canary G-Shock by ZShock.

January 18, 2011

Breezy Style Includes ZShock'n

Great new video from MechanicalDummy.com, Chris Brown's style blog. See if you can find the ZShock'n going on. Shout to Chris for letting people know that fashion runs the gammit and you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to be fly.

January 17, 2011

ZShock'n In New Video By D-Gibbs GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS from adbcdesign on Vimeo.
The kid from Miami, D-Gibbs just posted his second video off his mixtape ZShocks And Tubesocks. Watch the video and peep that blue diamond ZShock hitting hard. I.C.E.D. by ZShock!!!

January 12, 2011

Tiret Watch With Kanye West Face On Dial

The watchmaker Tiret has done it again. After the succesful manufacture of the watch for Usher Raymond with his face on the dial, they have made a more grandiose version for Kanye West with the rappers face emblazed in diamonds on an 18K yellow gold Tiret watch. It's a double swiss Chrono and price at $180,000. ZShock send out props to Tiret.

January 6, 2011

Sean Kingston Spotted ZShock'n MonZter Style

Here is a picture rom Sean Kingston's Tumblr, peep the wrist game and see that new ZShock Fire Monzter that he is rocking! Stay I.C.E.D. by ZShock http://ZShock.com

January 4, 2011

Dee & Ricky G-Shock ZShock'd With Black Diamonds

Just wanted to give you a sneak peak of this Limited Edition Dee & Ricky X G-Shock Collabo that has been ZShock'd with the Blacktastic treatment of blacked out metal and black diamonds. Enjoy the view and let us know if you want to cop one.