March 11, 2010

ZShock Spotlight On Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons at the age of 14 is on fire. The kid recently released his first mixtape called First Flight and it showed that he was a talent to be recognized. Now he has a new video with his Made You Look Freestyle. Just watch, sit back and be blown away. We are not easily impressed, but after listening to the mixtape and seeing this video, there is no doubt this is a star in the making. Follow Diggy on Twitter @Diggy_Simmons. Tell him ZShock sent you.

March 9, 2010

ZShock Spotlight on Cool Breeze Ray

Met Little Ray Ray about a year ago. A producer named Illa hit me up because he was referred to ZShock by Rich Hilfiger aka Rich Hil. Illa said Benzino has a son and wants to buy him a ZShock, come to the studio and let's link up. Benzino is a Hip Hop legend and he was dope and nothing but very hospitable to us. He introduced us to Ray and let us here his music. I was immediately impressed with the music as well as his ability to spit. The kid was a natural and already a polished talent. Now he has delivered a great body of work with his new mixtape called The Lightning Thief. Not only are the beats dope, the music is different and has a flavor all its own. Do yourself a favor and download this mixtape today and see what these young cats are capable of. Download by clicking here!

You can follow Cool Breeze Ray on Twitter @Chillywind