March 9, 2010

ZShock Spotlight on Cool Breeze Ray

Met Little Ray Ray about a year ago. A producer named Illa hit me up because he was referred to ZShock by Rich Hilfiger aka Rich Hil. Illa said Benzino has a son and wants to buy him a ZShock, come to the studio and let's link up. Benzino is a Hip Hop legend and he was dope and nothing but very hospitable to us. He introduced us to Ray and let us here his music. I was immediately impressed with the music as well as his ability to spit. The kid was a natural and already a polished talent. Now he has delivered a great body of work with his new mixtape called The Lightning Thief. Not only are the beats dope, the music is different and has a flavor all its own. Do yourself a favor and download this mixtape today and see what these young cats are capable of. Download by clicking here!

You can follow Cool Breeze Ray on Twitter @Chillywind

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