January 11, 2010

Omarion Speedin & ZShock'n In His New Video

The ever talented Omarion has his new album launch on 1-12-10 called Ollusion. There are already a number of hits of this album. The newest is his slick new R&B tune called Speedin. In this video Omarion proves once again why is is a mainstay in this game. In addition he is sporting one of his diamond ZShocks that he owns. Omarion owns a few custom ZShocks that he himself designed. Watch the video and you will see Omarion rocking his ZShock and evidence again that those in the know keep an iced out G-Shock by ZShock in their collection of goodies.

January 6, 2010

ZShock In New Trina That's My Attitude Video

Trina, known as "The Baddest Bitch", is back with a banger. This new song called That's My Attitude is quintessential Trina. She looks great in the video and her new album is going to be a definite must have on the iPod collection. You can also see that Trina is up on what's hot. Not only does Trina own a Pink ZShock, but she has a diamond ZShock featured in the video about 50 seconds in. Proving once again, iced out G-Shocks by ZShock are where it's at.

January 1, 2010

Big Boi's Shine Blockas Video...He Is ZShock'n

One half of Outkast and one whole of Big Boi is seen here in his new video for the song Shine Blockas featuring Gucci Mane. The song has been out for a while but the new video dropped at midnight New year's Eve. Besides being a great song and a dope video, we love the fact that Big Boi is rocking his own personal iced out G-Shock by ZShock. Big Boi loves his watch and has been known to be sporting it all the time. Once again proving, that Big Boys (no pun intended) that know their toys stay keeping an iced out G-Shock by ZShock in their watch collection.