June 8, 2009

T-Pain Says "Game Over" With Big Ass Chain

I guess T-Pain feels he is the recession proof Don. T-Pain breaks out the ridiculous piece of jewelry at a time when critics and some artists are saying the era of bling is coming to an end. Which we here at Z-Shock do not believe, it's just changing a bit.

"Dudes and girls, I just wanna give a quick preview of the last chain you'll ever like," Pain wrote. "I'm shuttin' it down." He added, "Very very real I don't know what fake feel like. $410,000. Hola seƱor recession proof,".

The Big Ass Chain piece was made by Ice Box Custom Jewelry in Atlanta. The execution and craftsmaship of the piece looks clean and well made, so props to Ice Box. The design itself? Well we will leave that up to you.

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