July 22, 2009

Rich Hil Stunts His Blacked Out Diamond G-Shock By ZShock

ZShock met up with our boy Rich Hil on South Beach in Miami while he was in town recording. Let's get business outta the way first. Rich is seen here rockin his Blacked out G-Shock 5600 series that was iced out by ZShock exclusively for him as a matching accessory to his new Blacked out Range Rover, the ride and watch are mad crazy.

Rich has a musical style that we have not seen, infectious tunes and the way he rides the beats are even more seering to your brain. You can't help but listen to the essence of his lyrics.
ZShock is a big supporter of Rich Hil, so when he drops his first album, we will be telling you to go cop it. For now, go download his mixtapes at http://www.nolimos.com/.

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