February 22, 2011

Diggy Simmons Spotted ZShock'n On The 2011 XXL Freshman Cover

The 2011 XXL Magazine Freshman Cover has been leaked. Shout out to all the young up and comers that made the cover. As a side note, we spotted Diggy Simmons rocking his ZShock Shockra bracelets on this auspicious magazine cover. Shout out to Diggy. We are also sure that Li'l Twist and Mac Miller were also sporting their iced out G-Shocks by ZShock, but they don't seem to be visible in this particular shot. Either way, it's the second annual XXL Freshman Cover where ZShock was represented. The 2010 Cover had Big Sean wearing his ZShock as well. Get with Team ZShock today and pick up your ZShock gear.

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