March 24, 2011

Sean Kingston's Custom ZShock Punch Ring

We just finished this new custom diamond ZShock Punch Ring that was made exclusively for Sean Kingston. Lke any custom ZShock Punch Ring, personalized elements were implemented into Sean's ring. Custom features that were created into the design were the word "KING" iced on the top panel and on the front two panels TIME, which stands for Sean's company, Time Is Money Entertainment. On the other frontpanel Sean's name in all diamonds. The side panels have black diamonds, green emeralds and canary diamonds in the pattern of the Jamaican flag, Sean's home country. The ring is a ZShock one of a kind and will not be sold as a production item. This is yet another example of "I.C.E.D. By ZShock, where "Quality Always Wins!". !

Visit us today at or call us toll free at 1-877-7ZSHOCK to have your custom piece made by ZShock.

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