July 28, 2012

Ryan Lochte Wears Diamond Grills And Wins Olympic Gold Medal

Ryan Lochte Wins Gold With His Diamond Grills
 We here at ZShock had to post this. Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte blazes to victory in his 400m individual medley on Saturday, beating his team mate Michael Phelps and all his other competitors to win USA's first Gold Medal of the 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Of course the win was just part of the drama that day. Ryan Lochte was advised that he would be unable to receive his gold medal on the Olympic podium if he decided to wear his iced out diamond grills. It is a signature trademark for Ryan Lochte to wear his pave diamond grills during his award ceremonies, and for these Olympics he had a new set of Diamond grills custom made inspired by the American Flag, some patriotic bling! 

At ZShock we don't get into the Grill business but we certainly appreciate the look and the fun of the iced out dental gear. See below for other images of Lochte with his grills as well as a video announcing he had the Olympic Grills in the works. 

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